Why advertise with us?

⭐ A rapidly growing government job portal of India (Check out our Official Amazon’s Alexa Website Worldwide and All India rank) .

⭐ Mobile traffic >> 90%. It is extremely suitable and, also much cheaper than Google Ads/ Facebook Ads if you want to get downloads of your app or like-wise.

⭐ State-wise targeted traffic in India: It you want your audience from a specific state of India like Rajasthan, Odisha only, then we can provide you this opportunity as well.

We have different State Job Alerts mobile apps (Check out our complete Apps List at Google Play Store) , and can provide you specific state audiences for your product. More Android Apps like State-wise General Knowledge apps, Competitive Exam Preparation Apps, etc. are in pipeline which will provide you more in-depth engaged audiences.

⭐ Search Traffic >> 90%: You can benefit from Google Search Traffic as well.

(Check out our Official Amazon Alexa Traffic Estimates Note: Alexa Ranking does take into account the search traffic of the website only while determining rank. It doesn’t account for Mobile Apps Traffic in which we are excelling, so merely assessing us from this rank might not be fair to us).

Facebook Group/ Pages Advertising: We can also advertise your products in our various Facebook Group and pages as well, at minimal cost. We have State-wise Facebook groups/ pages as well. This is best for your initial Brand Awareness Campaign.

Advertising Options

Do you have a product, service or website that you want to increase user engagement? You can do so with the various advertising options we offer.

Banner and text link ads

We invite brands to put their advertisements on our website and get exposure in front of our daily readers through our banner and text link ads. Banner ads have always shown very strong performance to advertisers with flexible advertising campaign and budgets.

We have the following ad slots available:


  1. Below post title: Any custom size, preferably square/ rectangular one.
  2. 300×250 first sidebar block: immediately visible to users on opening a page
  3. Sidebar text link block
  4. 300×250 second sidebar block
  5. 300×600 sidebar block: very long and spacious ad space with good visibility
  6. footer text link blocks

We also provide custom ad slots on request.

For pricing and buying ad slots & Facebook Advertising, send us a mail at contact@naukrilatest.com.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are another great way to advertise your product in the form of an article. You send us your write-up on any topic of your liking that is consistent with our niche, which can contain direct or indirect promotional references or backlinks to your product or service and we publish it as a guest contributed article. You gain exposure to thousands of daily readers, a high authority backlink from our site, increased visibility and better search engine rankings, an overall increased engagement from our community members and improved brand visibility and reputation.

The sponsored post will stay at the homepage of our site for at least 5 business days, either through the content area or featured slider.

Please check out our guidelines for sponsored posts here. For pricing and getting your sponsored posts published, send us a mail at contact@naukrilatest.com.

Sponsored reviews

We love to write reviews, and we’ll be more than happy to do a comprehensive, honest and factually accurate review of your product or service. We’ll tell our readers why your product is useful, all of its aspects/features and how it stands out of other similar products in the market. If you feel that your product/service is not getting the attention it deserves, we will try our best to help it gain exposure in return for a contribution in cash or kind.

For details on sponsored reviews, send us a mail at contact@naukrilatest.com.

Long-term partnerships

NaukriLatest.com welcomes long-term partnerships with advertisers, sponsors, and people who can help us keep our network and community activities running. Long-term partner members will be a part of our core team and will be featured across our entire network. Moreover, partners will receive greater priority for requests made by them and the resolution of conflicting decisions will be more in their favour.

Drop us a mail at contact@naukrilatest.com if you are willing to be a part of us.

What can we offer you more than advertising?

We have specialisation in-

1. Quiz Android Apps

  • MCQs Apps
  • Exam Taking Apps
  • Apps for Coaching Institutes, Paid Quiz Apps
  • Quiz + Video/Live Video Coaching Apps, YouTube Channel Integration in app
  • Apps for Indian Competitive Exams preparations, etc.

2. Hybrid Android Apps for Websites

Convert you website into android app with complete package (from Logo designing to Final Google Play Store Launch/Approval) with latest APIs. Specific features which we can offer but not limited to:

  1. Clean java and other language codes.
  2. Small sized apps (Mostly website’s apps will have < 5 MB final apk size).
  3. Upgrade and error removal of your apps for 1 year. After one year, we can offer you this facility at minimal charges.
  4. Integration of Google Firebase Cloud Messaging so that you can send app notifications with images without any cost.
  5. Integration of Google AdSense/Admob/Facebook Audience Network or similar ads so that you can earn money as well.
  6. Automatic app updation with your website.
  7. User friendly interface & cool navigation menu.
  8. Google play app store optimization (ASO) of your app.
  9. With numerous cool features like– Pull down to refresh, Custom Loading icon while loading website, Custom error page, Custom Website Search Page, External link handling, Deep linking, QR code generator for App Download, Share app as well as website content to Social Media, Google Analytics, Exit Warning, Encourage user to rate your app after certain time period, App Privacy Policy, Theme according to the website, No internet Connection handling, Opening PDF inside app, SSL Certificate errors handling, etc.

3. 3D Models for Educational Purposes/ Machine Designing/ Bring Your Idea into Reality

  1. We can make 3D model for specific Instruments/ Equipment/ Machines/ Civil Structures/ Building Designs, etc..
  2. Check out this 3D Plier model to know how an object feels/looks in 3D (First Click “View 3D model” and then Turn/Rotate it while clicking mouse left button pressed).
  3. We can provide you the same 3D model in PDF format as well as so you can turn/rotate it in similar way at your computer/laptop with Adobe Reader installed only.

⭐ Simple 3D Educational process explaining videos.

⭐ Simple Animated Educational videos with 2D as well as 3D graphics.

4. Web development & designing

Website designing for you business/ products/ online shops-

  1. Specialised in WordPress, Mobile optimized websites
  2. Graphic/ Logo Designing
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website
  4. Social Media Automation (Auto-posting to Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) of your website

with lot of cool features and optimizations which we have gained through our experiences.

For details on any project, send us a mail at contact@naukrilatest.com.